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The Importance of “SMART” Goals

Without precise goals, how can you ever achieve a desired result? After all, what does “fitter” mean, and how much is “some weight”? How will you know if you reach your goal if it does not have a defined and measurable target, and how long can enthusiasm be maintained if there is no target to reach? Research has consistently shown that:

In short, when people are asked to do their best, they do not do so. This is because do-your-best goals have no external referent and thus are defined idiosyncratically. This allows for a wide range of acceptable performance levels, which is not the case when a goal level is specified“. (Locke, Chah, Harrison, & Lustgarten, 1989)

Goals need to be SMART:

Specific:How much weight do you want to lose; how often will you go to the gym?
Measurable:Regular weigh-ins, distances covered, amount of weight lifted.
Achievable:How much in what time frame?
Realistic:Given your current weight and fitness regime?
Timed:What time frame are you looking at, when will the goal be met?

Once a goal is a SMART goal, then the chances of success are much higher. It’s so much more interesting making plans for your training with a clear focus. Ask yourself what you are trying to achieve from every training session. It

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