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Personal training for stress management

By Lisa Kent / 27th August 2015

In our busy world today, the line between personal and work life can often get blurred. We take home our stresses from the workplace, and bring to work our problems from our home life. Often we feel exhausted, in a low mood and craving comfort food. None of these things are conducive to living a happy, healthy lifestyle!

Exercise can help with keeping your stress levels down, the physical activity releases endorphins in your body, which make you feel happy. Focussing on your breathing and technique whilst you are working out doesn’t leave room for thinking about your problems, or that work deadline.

Certainly sitting around dwelling on an issue doesn’t usually help – getting out in the fresh air for an hour and moving around, changing the scenery can never be a bad thing. Spending an hour with a personal trainer who is not connected to your work or to your family can often help as well, a relative stranger who will not ask any questions!


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