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That’s where I come in…

When you have a busy life, a demanding job, family and friends to take care of, it can feel impossible to find the time or the energy to exercise and eat well. You’ve tried before, but never really got the results that you wanted (or couldn’t maintain those results).

Is this you…?

You never seem to have the time

You never know what would be the best thing to do

You don’t enjoy it much

Past experiences at gyms or with personal training have not gone well

Having worked in the City for 15 years, I completely understand the impact that long hours, a stressful job and constant deadlines can have on your body and mind. I know first hand how hard it can be to find the time for exercise, especially without the support of a personal trainer who can make sure that your precious time is focused on achieving exactly the results that you want.

You get a new and interesting workout each and every time you train, nutritional advice, and the support and motivation of a trained professional with a friendly and flexible approach to health and fitness. You want to look and feel your best - I am passionate about working with my clients to help them achieve the fit, healthy body that has often eluded them until now.

I am an experienced kickboxing instructor (with a black belt) – and incorporate boxing and kickboxing into many of my workouts. Learning to kickbox is a great way to get into shape. It’s fun, and a fantastic way of letting go of any stress that you have. It burns fat quickly and will improve your fitness in next to no time. All that punching and kicking gives you great tone to your arms and legs – and works your abs hard without a single sit up!

I have ran many marathons, done a lot of sport. I know my stuff. I too had used personal trainers on and off, never committed, always thought I could do the job on my own. And I did. Lisa changed my mind set.

Lisa makes us hurt, makes us competitive, makes us fitter, makes us laugh. Every session is different, and that is the key. You won’t get bored, there won’t be routine.

Since the end of those 8 weeks, my wife and I share sessions twice a week. My life is busy; two careers, kids, wife, pets. I don’t get much time for me. Due to Lisa, I give myself 2 hours a week. And I am better for it.

Lisa pushes me, but on those days when my mind is elsewhere, when I should be working, or I am feeling sluggish, she knows when to go easy. And that is important; to know when to push and go hard, and when to ease off.

Lisa isn’t all hard work. She makes it fun. We have a laugh. Our dogs love her too. They know that when Lisa is here, it’s a bonus walk as we train on Hampstead Heath.

Whatever your goals, short term, long term, I would recommend Lisa all day long.

Alex Ziff                 

I approached Lisa to work with me on not only losing some weight, toning up but also to stop eating sugar. We worked together intensely for 6 weeks and I must say the results were outstanding! I lost a stone and a half. Toned up and haven’t had sugar for 6 months now. She is supportive, drives you and wants you to succeed which is why I highly recommend that you use her services as a personal trainer

Elliot Kay                 

I’ve been with Lisa for nearly a year now and its been fantastic – really lovely to train in the fresh air on Highbury Fields and she always makes the sessions varied and good fun. I’ve just completed my first 10k run and am considering a half marathon, which might not sound like a big deal, but before I started with Lisa, I could barely run to the bus stop!

Polly Eason                 

I decided to take up Lisa’s kickboxing workouts for two reasons. One, I am a goalkeeper at weekends and I wanted to get better balance and flexibility. Two, I wanted to start the week with a stress busting, body enhancing workout. Oh, and I also hate the monotony of “the gym”. Well, having found muscles I didn’t realise I had, I’m now far more flexible and stronger at football, I love punching away the frustrations that the day brings and rather than it all being arduous, it’s really good fun!!! Having been there and done it working in the City and now a dedicated personal trainer still competing in kick boxing competitions, Lisa quickly picks up what it takes to deliver the fitness workout you want. If you want to get the energy and the feel good factor that comes from a really good workout – you will get it from Lisa and she will make it fun too! Oh, and you’ll also end up stronger and all toned up! I have no hesitation in recommending Lisa!

Mel Kenny                 

Lisa told me she knew how to make me strong, and she was right. As a 40-something with a bad back, shoulder and hip injuries I wasn’t even sure that I wanted to weight train – Lisa listened to my excuses and then promptly ignored them all! In 8 weeks I’ve put on muscle, I’m lifting more than I ever have before (or even thought possible), my back no longer gives me problems and best of all I’m enjoying the sessions (well, most of the time!). Thanks Lisa!

Stuart L.                 

I just came back from training with Lisa in West Hampstead, and I love how knowledgeable she is, how much fun our workouts are, and most importantly how my body feels after a session with her!


I asked Lisa to help me lose weight and get a great beach body for my anniversary holiday. She put together a 6 week weight loss training programme, and gave me brilliant advice on easy ways to eat healthily and still drop inches. I lost 8 kilos and looked and felt the best ever in my bikini! If you are looking for a healthy weight loss programme I would recommend Lisa to everybody.

Samantha S.                 

I really look forward to our weekly training sessions in my home in Hampstead. I am particularly concerned to improve my fitness and strengthen my back, and Lisa has helped me with both.

She is sensitive to any temporary problems which I may have with my back, and makes everything we do highly enjoyable. As an ageing, but still ambitious golfer, I can see that my flexibility has improved and am now hitting the ball further than I ever have done. I am also much fitter than I have been in years!Working with Lisa is a great experience and I would highly recommend her.

Jeff G.                 

I started working out with Lisa two months ago and am simply delighted with the results.

As a mature lady on the better side of 55 I hadn’t expected to develop a kick boxing habit and feel like a Bond girl …but that’s what working with Lisa had done for me! My stress levels have dropped dramatically and I feel great.

I have been through a tough time work wise recently and have sailed through it thanks to Lisa encouraging me to take my frustrations out on her pads! She is particularly careful with any injuries and ensures speedy recovery from the inevitable niggly strains and pains.

She is fun to work with, enormously positive and I really look forward to our sessions.

Simone P                 

She deserves to be everyone’s Highgate personal trainer, punctual, happy, positive, dedicated, very fit, and exceptionally good at what she does!

Marshall Levine                 

I can highly recommend Lisa. She was one of the few personal trainers who was prepared to accommodate my schedule and get up early enough to train on Highbury Fields! Lisa has a good instinct for setting goals which are achievable, and therefore maintain motivation. After 5 months of steady training with Lisa, we tried a particular exercise that she had asked me to do on our first session, and I was amazed – having been unable to do a fraction of it 5 months earlier, I was now able to complete the exercise. It was the most visible illustration of the strength that I had gained from our training and I was delighted. Exercise that’s also fun, a rare thing!

Linky Trott                 

Life with me is never straight forward and I’m all for multi-tasking. So when I ask Lisa to train both my husband and myself, and deal with our six dogs believe you me that’s a challenge and one that she more than rises to! Have you ever raced a cocker-poo? Used dog jumps as a training tool? With Lisa the sky’s the limit in both your achievement and the diversity of the training you will undertake. She’s always accommodating, intelligent and knowledgeable. For a trainer who truly makes a difference I can’t recommend Lisa highly enough.I believe that everyone has the right to look and feel their best, and I am committed to helping all of my clients achieve this. I will create the perfect, individual fitness workout and weight loss programme for you, based on your goals and preferences.

Emma Z.                 

I first got in touch with Lisa because I wanted to get fit and lose weight. She has such a bright, cheerful personality that keeps you motivated and helps you get results. I wanted a personal trainer to come to my home in Highgate, and I'm so glad that I found Lisa! I have lost almost 2 stone since I started sessions with her and I hope to keep going. I am now the strongest I have ever been in my life - and that is thanks to Lisa for showing me how to lift and train effectively and efficiently. For anyone looking  to gain confidence and fitness knowledge, i would definitely recommend working out with Lisa. She is punctual, dedicated, genuine and will definitely make you work for it! Thank you Lisa for showing me that I am capable of much more than I thought I was.

S. A.                 

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