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When is the best time to exercise?

Many of my clients ask when is the best time to exercise – should it be first thing in the morning, 2 hours after eating, just before bed? Although there is a certain amount of data that suggests that morning workouts may boost your metabolism somewhat through the day, what is far more important is how your workout fits in with your lifestyle.

There’s no point trying to exercise first thing if you are most definitely not a morning person. You will never stick with it, and won’t enjoy it – and those two factors play such an important role in whether or not you make exercise a part of your lifestyle or not.

However, if finding the time is an issue, then often doing a morning workout can help. If you exercise first thing, then whatever happens through the day can no longer derail your plans! Whether it’s an unexpected business meeting, drinks after work or a child’s homework emergency – it’s too easy sometimes for the first time to be given up is your workout. First thing gets it done.

The best time to exercise is the best time that fits in with your lifestyle and body clock, and one that you can be consistent with.

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