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Try, try and try again……

This year I have been blessed to watch my niece turn from a baby into a toddler. She has learnt to crawl, walk and is now running and dancing! What is so amazing about watching this transformation, is that at no point did she get despondent and irritated when she fell down. She was so determined to walk that she just dusted herself off, clambered back up and started again. Over and over she tried, fell down, re-adjusted her technique and tried again. And, of course, in the end she succeeded.

When do we lose this wonderful attitude of try, try and try again? When did we decide that if it doesn’t work for us instantly, that we stop doing something and move on? What if, just as we know for sure that this toddler WILL learn to walk, there was someone there for us, sure that with enough practise and effort, we will learn to get strong, fit and healthy?

I am your personal trainer. I am there for you, to help you through the hard times of training – sure in my belief that eventually you will attain everything that you work so hard to achieve. You’ve just got to believe, and never give up! Merry Christmas and a heppy New Year to you all x

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