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Personal Training Highgate

By Lisa Kent / 6th January 2017

personal training highgate personal trainer highgate personal training N6 personal trainer N6Help is at hand if you’re in need of outstanding personal training in Highgate. LK Personal Training is the leading personal training service that can cater for you if you’re ready to give your health and well-being a real boost. Lisa Kent has over a decade of experience and many qualifications, and can provide you with everything you need from a personal training service. She can help you enjoy the perfect balance between nutrition and exercise, and always goes the extra mile to beat your expectations. There’s no need to join a gym when you start exercising with Lisa, she comes to you for your home workout, providing you with privacy, one to one attention and no time wasted.

If you live in Highgate or in the surrounding areas, and you are ready to invest in your looks, health and fitness then Lisa is the personal trainer you need. She used to have a stressful, busy corporate life and understands the impact this can have on your life. She is a bit older and wiser than some of the – how can we say – more youthful gym-bunnies out there, and works with you to ensure that you achieve the results that you deserve in a fun atmosphere.

See what some of her previous clients have to say about their time working with Lisa and the results they achieved, feel free to get in touch for a chat about your goals and how we can best achieve them together.

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