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Personal Training Highgate

Help is at hand if you’re in need of outstanding personal training in Highgate. LK Personal Training is the leading personal training service that can cater for you if you’re ready to give your health and well-being a real boost. Lisa Kent has over a decade of experience and many qualifications, and can provide you with […]

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When to get a Personal Trainer

Are you the type of person that insists on cleaning the house before the cleaning lady comes round, or will you wash your hair before going to the hairdresser………. So many people decide that they will start exercising / join the gym / get a personal trainer, but first they’re going to lose some weight […]

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3 Good reasons to Exercise

Firstly – you’ll sleep better. Exercise helps you to sleep more soundly, and for longer. Sleeping better also helps your immune system to function better, which means…… Secondly – you don’t get ill as often. Exercise, and associated benefits boost your immune system, makes you better able to fight off any germs that come your […]

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