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Personal Training Highgate

By Lisa Kent / 6th January 2017

Help is at hand if you’re in need of outstanding personal training in Highgate. LK Personal Training is the leading personal training service that can cater for you if you’re ready to give your health and well-being a real boost. Lisa Kent has over a decade of experience and many qualifications, and can provide you with […]


Your Christmas diet – does it need to be a disaster?

By Lisa Kent / 16th December 2016

Every year the blog posts and the articles come out – how to avoid putting on weight over Christmas, and how to avoid blowing your diet over the festive season. Rather than just repeat what we’ve all read before – I thought I’d put a slightly different slant on things. Are you ready for some amazing […]


The only way to lose weight

By Lisa Kent / 10th September 2015

If you ever speak with a trainer who says the only way to lose weight is their way, or read an article which has this at the start, then save your time and money and walk away as quickly as possible! If there were only one way to lose weight, then it stands to reason […]


Personal training for stress management

By Lisa Kent / 27th August 2015

In our busy world today, the line between personal and work life can often get blurred. We take home our stresses from the workplace, and bring to work our problems from our home life. Often we feel exhausted, in a low mood and craving comfort food. None of these things are conducive to living a […]


When to get a Personal Trainer

By Lisa Kent / 10th August 2015

Are you the type of person that insists on cleaning the house before the cleaning lady comes round, or will you wash your hair before going to the hairdresser………. So many people decide that they will start exercising / join the gym / get a personal trainer, but first they’re going to lose some weight […]


Fitness fads – too good to be true?

By Lisa Kent / 16th July 2015

Everyone knows the old saying, “if it looks too good to be true, then it probably is”! And yet when it comes to fitness and weight loss, why do we always want to believe the latest fad? In order to get results, we have to put in some effort. If standing on a vibrating plate […]


When is the best time to exercise?

By Lisa Kent / 13th April 2015

Many of my clients ask when is the best time to exercise – should it be first thing in the morning, 2 hours after eating, just before bed? Although there is a certain amount of data that suggests that morning workouts may boost your metabolism somewhat through the day, what is far more important is […]


Are you wasting your gym membership?

By Lisa Kent / 29th March 2015

If you joined a gym at the start of the year in a fit of enthusiasm – are you still going? If you are, then I’m impressed! But are you doing the right exercises, in the right way that will actually get you the results that you want? Too many people either make up a […]


3 Good reasons to Exercise

By Lisa Kent / 19th March 2015

Firstly – you’ll sleep better. Exercise helps you to sleep more soundly, and for longer. Sleeping better also helps your immune system to function better, which means…… Secondly – you don’t get ill as often. Exercise, and associated benefits boost your immune system, makes you better able to fight off any germs that come your […]


Anyone can get you out of breath….

By Lisa Kent / 28th February 2015

Indeed, anyone can get you out of breath – making you sweat and feel tired during a workout does not take a hugely experienced, knowledgeable, competent personal trainer. However, putting together a workout programme that will make you stronger, fitter and healthier than you were before you started – well that’s a different story! A […]

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