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But isn’t it dangerous……?

One of the most common questions I am asked by people when they hear that I lift reasonably heavy weights is “isn’t it dangerous”? At first, I thought it was because I am female and there is still, even today, a lot of gender stereotyping that goes on. But actually it is more to do with scare stories in the news and on Google.

My answer to this question is to point out that crossing the road every day is dangerous, as is driving on the road. And yet we all accept the risk and do it anyway, so why should a fitness programme be any different? Is it that whilst we clearly see the downsides to not crossing the road or driving, we sometimes lose sight of the risks of not exercising. The simple question is – do the risks of doing something outweigh the risks of not doing it? Also, there is a big difference between doing something with no knowledge, experience or understanding of it, and doing something with a professional by your side who does have knowledge, experience and understanding. And that, of course, is where a personal trainer can make all the difference!

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