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4 Simple Questions About Your Workout

  • What goals do I want to achieve?
  • Why am I doing this particular exercise?
  • Is this exercise going to help me achieve those goals?
  • Is there a more effective way of achieving these goals?

If you don’t know the answers to these questions, then how do you know if all the effort you are putting into your workout is going to achieve anything?

Anyone can get hot,sweaty and generally knackered in a gym. Especially if they are relative novices to a fitness routine or to lifting weights. We all have a piece of our brain that thinks that the harder the effort the bigger the results. Whilst it is very true that you need to put effort into your gym routine, it’s not necessarily true that this is all that counts.

Effort counts for little without results to show for it. If you are not achieving your weight loss / strength / training goals then maybe it’s time for you to revisit these 4 simple questions. I find that it’s much harder to put together a programme to deliver results than it is to simply work someone into the ground with cardio and plyo drills, but funnily enough, often my client values the feeling of being exhausted more than the feeling of being much less tired but knowing the results will come from what they have done!

So many people fling together some random set of exercises or cardio workouts with no thought as to how they fit in with their particular lifestyle, health and most importantly goals. As the saying goes: “Do what you’ve always done, get what you’ve always got”. Are you getting the results that you want?

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